Why Ramadan is celebrated and what is its truth?

Why Ramadan is celebrated and what is its truth?

If you ask the people of any Muslim community, then you can definitely tell why Ramadan is celebrated? But maybe people from other community may not know about it. I think being an Indian, we must know what this Ramadan is and why it is celebrated. In other countries of the world including India, fasting is kept by Muslims in the holy month of Ramadan for reverence for Allah. Fasting is observed by Muslims in Ramadan to express their gratitude towards God.

In this holy festival of the Muslim community, when did the month of Ramadan, which is called the “month of worship”, begin? What are the reasons for fasting by the Muslim community? History of Ramadan and what is the importance of fasting?

In this article you are being given complete information on the subject of Ramadan! So if you also want to know on the subject of Ramadan, then you have come to the right article. Well, we have tried our best to provide correct information to you. So let’s start today’s article without delay, and first of all know what is Ramadan and why Ramadan is celebrated.

What is Ramadan – What is Ramadan in Hindi

Ramadan or Ramadan (Urdu – Arabic – Persian: رمضان) is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. The Muslim community considers this month to be the most sacred. The word Ramadan is derived from Arab. That is, it is an Arabic word which means “scorching heat and dryness”.

As I have already mentioned, the ninth month according to the Islamic calendar is the month of Ramadan, in which fasting is observed every year by the Muslim community! According to Islamic beliefs, this month is the month of “worship to Allah”.

It is believed that on the occasion of Ramadan, the wishes of every person who worship Allah from the heart are fulfilled, on the occasion of Ramadan fasting is observed by Muslim communities for the whole month. The meaning of fasting really means expressing gratitude to God with a sincere heart.

However, religious people who are ill during this period, are of old age, those who are unable to fast due to pregnancy and other problems are allowed not to fast.

How is Ramadan celebrated?

During the fasting in the month of Ramadan, the Muslim community does not take food or refreshments throughout the day. Also during this time it is strictly forbidden to consume bad habits such as cigarettes, tobacco! Whereas after fasting for the whole day, the food which is consumed by the fasting people in the evening has been named Iftar.

In the month of Ramadan, the fasting is broken by eating dates, because Islamic beliefs show that the Messenger of Allah was asked to break his fast by eating dates. And since then, fasting people eat dates in Iftar and Sehri.

Apart from this, eating dates is also beneficial for health. According to science, dates help in curing stomach problems, liver and other weaknesses, so dates are consumed by fasting people.

This month of Ramadan ends with Eid-ul-Fitr, also known as Mithi Eid. This day is of joy for the people of all Muslim community, on this day they wear new clothes and go to the mosque or Idgah and offer prayers there and thank God, and greet each other by hugging. Huh.

importance of ramadan

The month of Ramadan is the holiest month for every person of the Muslim community.

In this holy month of Ramadan, fasting is kept by Muslims for the whole month, it is believed that the person who fasts is given forgiveness of all his sins by God.

Therefore, the month of Ramadan is the most special month of the year for every Muslim! It is believed that the doors of paradise remain open in the month of Ramadan, so fasting is observed in Ramadan by all the Muslims who have faith in Allah. And after Ramadan, the festival of Eid is celebrated by Muslims.

Why is Ramadan celebrated?

According to the beliefs of Islam, the month of Ramadan is the month of self-control and self-control. Therefore, the main reason for fasting by the Muslim community in the month of Ramadan is “understanding the pain and suffering of the poor”.

According to Islamic beliefs, by fasting in the month of Ramadan, the pain of the poor living in the world is felt.

Restraint during fasting means keeping eyes, nose, ears, tongue under control. Because during fasting neither hearing bad, not seeing bad, neither speaking bad nor feeling bad is done. In this way, the fasting of Ramadan teaches the Muslim community to keep self-restraint along with giving up bad habits along with their religious reverence.

Along with this, it is also believed that in summer the sins of the fasting are burnt in the fire of incense. And the mind becomes pure and all the bad thoughts get away from the mind during fasting.

History of Ramadan?

The practice of fasting in Ramadan in Islam is very old, according to the beliefs of Islamic religion, when Muhammad (Islamic Prophet) came to know about the holy book of Islam, Quran Sharif in the year 610 AD, since then the month of Ramadan has been considered as the most important part of Islam religion. It was celebrated as a holy month.

There is also a main reason for this month to be holy for Islam religion.

According to legend, the Prophet was chosen by Allah as his messenger. Therefore, this month is special and holy for every person of the Muslim community, in which fasting has been considered mandatory for everyone.

Truth of Ramadan?

Apart from this, some misconceptions are spread in the society for the people fasting in the holy month of Ramadan, let us also know those truths.

It is said that fasting is mandatory for all Muslim people in the month of Ramadan, but in reality, if a person is ill or a Muslim woman is pregnant, or does not want to fast due to any other problem, then it is their personal wish. Whether to fast or not because it is not written anywhere in the Quran.

Many people in the society also feel that spit should not be swallowed while fasting. But the truth is not, although they feel this because even drinking water is prohibited during fasting.

Apart from this, such misconceptions are spread that food should not be eaten in front of the person who has fasted. While it is not so, the person fasting has so much stamina that even if another person eats in front of him, the fasting person does not have the desire to eat.

Apart from this, if something is consumed by mistake by the person fasting, then it does not break the fast. Rather, when this is done intentionally, then the fast is broken.

So many other such misconceptions are also spread in the society, some of them have been mentioned in the above points.

Why celebrate Ramadan?

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