Who is the owner of Paytm and which country’s company is it?

Who is the owner of Paytm and which country’s company is it?

Here you will get to know about who is the owner of Paytm. We all use Paytm Wallet. Whether to do any transaction or to send money to someone or to pay any bill, we use Paytm to do all these things.

Very few people would know that Paytm is the first mobile payment application in our country. The digital payment era started only after the arrival of Paytm in our country. Well, we all use this online payment application.

But this thing always bothers most of the people that if Paytm is not a Chinese application because these days Chinese applications are getting closed, in such a situation it is necessary to know about Paytm.

Who is the owner of Paytm? Which country’s company is Paytm? Who made Paytm? This type of question mostly comes in everyone’s mind, so in today’s post we will discuss about these questions and know their answers.

Before discussing any question, the districts know what is Paytm? Because without understanding this question, other questions related to it cannot be understood.

What is Paytm?

Paytm is an online payment application, also known as virtual wallet. It is an application that provides online payment facility to its users.

To use this application, first you have to put money in it. Paytm is linked to the bank and if you have money in your bank, then you can use this payment mode very easily for any work. This is a prepaid digital wallet, to use which you have to put money in it first.

This app gives us the facility of online banking / mobile banking. Whether to do online shopping or online payment, bill payment or ticket booking, sitting at home, you can do all these things with just one click.

Paytm gives us the facility of cash free hand, which means that now we can use cash through our mobile even without keeping cash with us. The word Paytm also means pay through mobile i.e. payment through mobile.

You can use Paytm from any phone. These applications are available for all Android and iPhone. You can download it from Play Store to your Android or if you are an iPhone user then you will also get this application in Apple Store. Simply put, Paytm is a very big e-commerce website which is used by everyone nowadays. doing. of Paytm company

Who is the owner?

The owner, CEO and founder of Paytm is Vijay Shekhar Sharma, who has given a new twist to the e-commerce world by creating Paytm. In August 2010, Vijay Shekhar Sharma ji had laid the foundation of the mobile wallet Paytm.

When Vijay Shekhar Sharma ji brought Paytm to the world, at that time no such application existed in India, but Paytm’s cash back idea forced people to use this application and due to the note ban in 2016. After that, the users of this company kept on increasing and the Paytm wallet company went on achieving success.

Although Paytm was started as a start up but this idea has made Vijay shekhar Sharma ji one of the famous businessman of India today. In the beginning of the company, this application used to provide only mobile and DTH service to the people.

Vijay shekhar Sharma ji became one of India’s Youngest Billionaire in 2017 due to this idea. With his hard work, he took Paytm to the point that today the value of this company is $ 10 billion. According to the most read Forbes magazine in the world, his net worth is $ 2.7 million.

Vijay Sharma ji was born on 8 July 1978 and today at the age of 42, he is known among the rich people of the world. He completed his studies from the Technological University of Delhi between 1994 and 1998.

After completing his studies, he formed a company named one-97 in the year 2001, he had invested 2 lakh rupees on this company but due to science field he did not have much knowledge of commerce due to which he had to face huge loss. .

But he did not give up and started the Paytm company in the year 2010, which made him successful. Due to his hard work, this company attracted many people, from which he got a lot of profit later.

Paytm is a company of which country?

Many people, even Indian people are not aware that Paytm is an Indian company and not from any other country.

The creator of this company, Vijay Shekhar Sharma, is an Indian. He also started this company in our country. The head office of this company is located in Noida city of Uttar Pradesh, India.

Wherever we see today, whether it is a digital payment application or an online shopping site, digital companies from countries like America, China are ruling everywhere. In such a situation, of late but our country has also slowly started moving towards these areas.

what did you learn today

I hope you must have come to know that this company which earns crores of rupees Paytm is not from any other country but from our country. At the same time, you must have also come to know who is the owner of Paytm.

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