Vigyan Ke Chamatkar Essay In English

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Vigyan Ke Chamatkar Essay in English

Vigyan Ke Chamatkar Essay In English
Vigyan Ke Chamatkar Essay In English

Essay & Writing – Wonders of Science

[Outline: (1) Introduction (2) Contribution of science in various fields of human life (3) Conceptual change (4) Conclusion.]

The present era is the age of progress of science. On the strength of scientific inventions, man has controlled the natural forces. The inventions of science have done a lot of good for mankind. A few years ago, diseases like smallpox, cholera, malaria, tuberculosis were considered incurable. Today, with the help of science, panacea medicines have been discovered for their treatment.

Internal examination of the human body can be done by X-ray, sonography etc. The wonders of science in the field of surgery are astonishing. Today various organs of the human body are being successfully transplanted. Even an ugly person can be made beautiful by plastic surgery. Artificial limbs have been made for the disabled. Efforts are also being made to cure incurable diseases like cancer and AIDS.

Mental diseases are also being treated successfully. Test tube babies and cloning are the latest wonders of science. With the blessings of science, the average age of man is continuously increasing. In the field of transport and transport, motors and trains have brought distant regions closer to each other. The ships made with the help of science keep running from one country to another. Aircraft have made the whole world one unit.

Various types of orbits and spacecraft are traveling to different planets, satellites. Scientific inventions like telephone, wireless wire, traveling sound device, etc. can also be used to talk to a person sitting far away. A large number of books can be printed with the help of different types of printers. The invention of computer has helped a lot in solving complex problems of various fields. Due to the discovery and use of electricity, there has been a huge development of industries.

With Xerox Machine, we can get as many copies of any article as we want in an instant. Through artificial satellites, we get accurate information related to the day-to-day weather and atmosphere. Due to the use of chemical fertilizers, hybrid seeds, pesticides etc. in the agriculture sector, the yield of agriculture has increased manifold than before. Many types of agricultural machines have been made, due to which agricultural work has become much easier than before.

Scientific inventions have developed scientific vision in man. In any country of the world, if there is any crisis on humanity, then with the help of scientific means, people of other countries immediately reach there. Thus, as a result of the countless achievements of science, the welfare of mankind has definitely happened, but pollution and terrible weapons have also been given to us by science. We should also consider this.

In fact, science is the true friend of mankind. Therefore, instead of imposing the blame of our ignorance on the head of science, we should say with one voice – Science, your victory!

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