Types of summer essay in english 

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Types of summer essay in english

Different forms of rain

(Issues: Rain: A Mudra of Nature. I have met the dearest rain in various forms.

Rain is like an emotional gesture of nature! This rain has become my lifelong companion. This rain has met me in many forms.

It was a rainy day. Clouds were gathering across the sky. It was getting dark in the afternoon. The cold wind began to blow hard … and in a few moments the drizzle started pouring down. Heavy rain began to fall. It was raining all day.

Lots of water was flowing near the house, on the road, in the fields, in the mountains, in the valleys. It was raining like a fiery boy. The children were also dancing to his tune.

In fact, it was difficult to tell whether the children were dancing or playing with the rain or the rain was soaking in the children’s excitement. In Shravan, however, I saw a different rain.

As soon as he arrived, the roots were tingling … touching his limbs softly! Suddenly a couple of showers fell on the ground and disappeared!

In an instant the wool began to spread. In a short time, the rain came down again and then the wool too! It was like a game of backstabbing. At times, it even rained in the sun, and it seemed as if light rain was falling from the sky on the earth.

At the same time a wonderful dreamy scene unfolded. The rainbow of gentle rainbows began to float in space. Once we were walking through the clouds on the top of Matheran. Nothing was visible even five feet in front.

Overcast fog and just fog! It was raining even then. It was as if the tiny particles of the cloud were bursting at the seams. Anga was also getting a touch of rain.

The clothes were soaking wet. But he was not visible to the naked eye. Say yes and say no! Such a wonderful rain lingering on the border of no-no! His birthplace, in the clouds! Such a soothing, haunting rain!

However, this benevolent rain had turned into a monster on July 25, 2005. For two days before that, he had been collapsing. It was as if he had just begun to dance because of the thunder of the clouds.

Roads, alleys, rivers and streams began to overflow. The lake filled up and spread to the surrounding villages. There were fears that the dam walls would collapse. Hundreds of houses were completely washed away, hundreds of people were swept away by the water. Thousands of animals were buried.

Even in a city like Mumbai, sitting houses and huts are washed away; But even in large buildings, the water rose to the first and second floors. It was literally hahakar majla.

It was as if the world had sunk! Nature gave such a punishment for the violence that man has inflicted on the destruction of the environment! This rain is the breadwinner of man, the giver of happiness and also the strict disciple! I love it no matter what.

I will be with him whenever he meets me. Avoid him and stay home!

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