Krushi Kshetra Mein Vidnyan Ka Yogdan Essay in English

Contribution of Science in Agriculture in this post English Essay | Krushi Kshetra Mein Vidnyan Ka Yogdan Essay in english

Krushi Kshetra Mein Vidnyan Ka Yogdan Essay in EnglishContribution of Science in Agriculture

[Outline : (1) Introduction (2) Agriculture of the present era (3) Use of agricultural machinery (4) Problems of the agricultural sector (5) Use of improved and hybridized seeds, pesticides, fertilizers etc. (6) Conclusion. ,

Agriculture is the cornerstone of human civilization. We get food grains, various types of oilseeds, pulses, sugarcane, sugar beet etc. from agriculture itself. Cotton, jute and many types of fruits are available from the agriculture sector itself.

Different industries and businesses are based on agricultural products. Agriculture is the main occupation in the countries of Asia, Africa and South America. Today’s agriculture is completely based on scientific inventions.

Science has saved mankind from starvation by making many miraculous inventions in the field of agriculture. Scientists have created many types of agricultural machines.

Mechanical agriculture has been started with the help of big machines like tractors for plowing the fields, harvesters for harvesting crops etc. With the help of these machines, farming has become easier and the yield has also increased.

Agriculture of our country is mainly based on monsoon rains. It is very uncertain and irregular. Therefore, the biggest problem of the agricultural sector here is irrigation.

Now with the help of science, canals have been removed from the rivers and tube wells have been installed. These canals have been irrigated in drought-prone areas and turned them into areas full of crops.

With the help of science, canals have been made in the desert regions. Scientists have invented modified and hybridized seeds. These seeds can germinate even in adverse climate and give good yield.

The attack of diseases on the plants grown from these seeds is also less. Due to their use, good cultivation has started in cold tropical regions also.

Various types of drugs and insecticides have been invented to protect crops from the attack of various diseases. Chemical fertilizers are being used for the growth of crops and to get maximum yield.

It is very important to develop agriculture more and more to meet the needs of food and other agricultural products of the growing population of the world.

With the use of scientific inventions, farmers are abandoning the old methods of farming and adopting new scientific methods. In a densely populated country like India, the progress of the country can be achieved only by the development of agriculture.

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Essay on contribution of science in agriculture / Krushi Kshetro me science ka yogdan Essay
Contribution of Science in Agriculture
Science in Agriculture in english Essay / Vidnyan in krushi kshetrome Essay In english

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