India Population Explosion Essay in english

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India Population Explosion Essay in english

Essay Writing – Population Explosion in India

[Outline : (1) Population growth – the biggest problem of our country (2) Reasons for population growth (3) Effect of population growth on people’s life (4) Measures being taken to stop population growth (5) Conclusion .]

The biggest problem facing our country today is population growth. When the population of a country grows very fast, but the natural resources of the country do not increase in that proportion, then unemployment and hunger increase in the country.

Then there is a crowd everywhere. This is called ‘population explosion’. Today our country is passing through a phase of population explosion. According to the 2011 census, the population here was 1 billion 21 crore 7 lakhs.

There is an increase of 1 crore 70 lakh newborns in this population every year. There are many reasons for this rapid growth of population. Due to scientific progress, many effective medicines have been created.

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Due to this the death rate has come down, but the birth rate has remained the same. The average age of the people is also increasing due to this rapid growth of population, poverty and unemployment is increasing in the country. Many five year plans have been implemented, but there is no visible improvement in the standard of living of the people.

There is an atmosphere of violence across the country due to unemployment. The narrow feelings of provincialism and regionalism are increasing. There has been a threat to the unity and integrity of the country. The ever-increasing population of our country has become as dreadful as Bhasmasur.

Newspapers, magazines, All India Radio, Doordarshan etc. are being promoted through the media of small family. Many non-governmental organizations are also working in this direction.

For population control, financial assistance and encouragement is also being received from the World Bank and different countries. There has also been an awakening among the people and they have started adopting the ideal of small family. Illiteracy is also one of the reasons for population growth.

To control it, efforts will have to be made for cent percent literacy in the country and special emphasis will have to be given on women’s education.

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