How To Delete Telegram Account?

How To Delete Telegram Account?

Do you also want to know that Telegram Account Delete ? If yes then you have to read this article of today very carefully so that you can easily delete your Telegram account permanently.

As you must know that Telegram Messenger is very popular in today’s time, while it is also very easy to create a Telegram account in it. But some people don’t know how to delete their telegram account. In such a situation, through this tutorial, we will also tell you this detail that how you can easily delete your Telegram account. You just have to follow the steps given by us correctly. Then without delay let’s start how to delete Telegram account.

Delete a Telegram Account (Android, iPhone & PC)

Telegram is a messaging app just like WhatsApp but you cannot delete your Telegram account in it directly from your Android or iOS app. Rather, you have to use your browser for this. You can deactivate your Telegram account either from Desktop or from Mobile Browser.

The best thing about Telegram App is that, it not only works in mobile operating system such as Android devices, iPhone or other iOS devices, including Windows Mobile, but it is also available natively with Window/MacOS/ Also for Linux PC which also includes Telegram web messenger version.

Now the question arises that why do some use Telegram Messenger, the answer is probably that there is no doubt that it is very secure, while it also provides the facility to create Telegram groups in which you can access Up to 100000 members can add members. At the same time, Destruct system is also present in it, which deletes your messages according to a timer, while in this you also get the facility of message synchronization so that you can synchronize them with all your devices simultaneously.

But if you are still not happy with your Telegram account, then of course you can delete it anytime. Now let us know about what you should know before doing Telegram Delete Account.

Some things worth knowing before knowing how to delete telegram?

There are some things about which you must understand and know if you are thinking about deleting your Telegram Account then.

For example, if you delete your account, then all your Telegram messages, groups, chats and contacts will automatically be permanently deleted. After doing this you cannot get them again, so you should take a backup of all those data. Especially a backup of your Telegram Account so that you can use those data later whenever you want.

Why do users want to delete their Telegram account?

Although Telegram is considered to be a very private and secure messaging app, when it is compared with other popular competitors. At the same time, we also recommend you to use this app. But let us know why people want to know about telegram se account kaise delete kare, what are the reasons behind this, read and know yourself.

1. A lot of security issues have been found in Telegram over the years, including hacker attacks, leaks and breaches. Whereas in 2017, hackers also spread some malware in Windows computers that too via Telegram. At the same time, it is believed that Telegram also leaks some metadata. In such a situation, many security organizations have termed it unsafe. At the same time, some users do not like this and that’s why they want to use another secure app.

2. Telegram chat participants can not only delete their messages, but they can also delete messages of others along with them, that too without any notification. This shows that the participants have very little control over their conversations and also it can be easily manipulated.

3. Telegram uses a proprietary messaging security protocol named MTProto whose security and reliability have not been fully proved till date. At the same time, many cryptographers have also criticized this system. On the one hand, no open-source version of this system has been provided yet.

Some important things to keep in mind before deleting Telegram account

Now let us know what things should be paid attention to before deleting telegram account.

1. You can delete your telegram account only after logging in to Telegram Account.

2. It is very important to have internet for the deletion process.

3. You should decide well in advance whether you want to delete Telegram account or not.

4. To delete Telegram Account, you have to use browser. In such a situation, you cannot delete the account using Telegram App.

5. Confirmation Code will be sent through your Telegram Messenger only and not on SMS.

What will happen on Telegram Account Deletion?

If you delete your Telegram Account, then what will happen in such a situation, let us know.

1. Once you have deleted your Telegram Account Permanently then all your Contacts and Messages will be deleted.

2. By the way, all the Groups and Channels related to this account will remain the same, but they will be left orphaned, that is, they will not have any owner if you have not had anyone before.

• Well the good thing is that the Admin Rights of Groups and Channels will still remain.

3. Groups will still be functional, so that the contacts in it will be able to chat with each other and the messages you send will be with them.

4. On the other hand, if you want to create a Telegram account again from this number, then you will be a new user and at the same time your history will not be returned to you.

How To Delete Telegram Account?

Now let’s know how you can easily delete Telegram Account Step by Step, but know that there are mainly two ways to do this. Let us know about them.

By now you must have known that there is no such direct option so that you can delete your Telegram account instantly from Telegram App. This is because to do this deactivation or deletion process, you have to visit both a dedicated webpage as well as do some things in the app as well.

There is another way by which you can delete your Telegram account, that too in very less effort but it takes more time, because in this you set your account to be auto-destruction after some time.
Now you can read about both the methods so that you can delete your telegram account. Now you have to use one of these two methods, which you have to choose.

Delete Telegram Account Permanently

As part of some security features, Telegram accounts can be set up for self-destruction after some time of inactivity. A default period is also set for 6 months, this means that if you do not login to your Telegram account during this time, then it will be deleted and your conversations will be deleted forever. .

Although you cannot disable this security feature, but yes you can adjust its time, that when you will delete your account, at this time you can choose 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. .

By using this method you can permanently delete your telegram account without any effort. But note that you will not have to use the telegram app during this time. Now let’s know how you can use this option.

Delete Telegram Account Automatically

1. Open your Telegram app and then go to Settings.

2. Now choose Privacy & Security.

3. Then scroll down and tap on “Delete my account if away for“.

4. Here you can choose the time limit from 1 month to 1 year (1 month/3 months/6 months/1 year).

If you cannot wait for this long, then you have to choose another option to delete the account. Now let’s know how you can manually delete Telegram Account.

Delete Telegram Account Authorization

All the steps given below have to be followed strictly in order to delete Telegram account.

1. First of all you have to go to delete Telegram account deactivation page –

2. Once you go to the Telegram Deactivate Page, you will be asked to log in in front of you. Here you have to enter your mobile number and click on Next. One special thing is that you have to write the mobile number in Internation Format. Which will be written like this – Country Code + Mobile Number (91-9876543210).

3. Then you will get a Confirmation Code from Telegram. Which will be sent to you on Telegram only (not on SMS). Now you have to open that message and copy the code from it.

4. Now paste or type the copied code in the box of Confirmation Code. Then click on Sign in.

5. Now you have to write the reason for deleting the account, while after that you have to click on Delete My Account. On clicking Done, two more options will open in front of you. Out of these, you click on the red button Yes, delete my account if you want to delete the account. can i delete my telegram account

6. After this click on Yes, delete my account. As soon as you do this, your Telegram account has been permanently deleted. And then you will also get a Confirmation Message. Now your Telegram Account has been successfully deleted.

What did you learn today?

I hope you liked my article on how to delete telegram account. It has always been my endeavor to provide complete information to the readers about how to delete telegram account so that they do not have to search any other sites or internet in the context of that article.

This will also save their time and they will also get all the information in one place. If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then you can write low comments for this.

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