Essay Writing – Population Growth and Inflation

Population growth essay in english in this post. Jansankhya Vridhi Essay In english is written.

Jansankhya Vridhi Essay in english

Essay Writing - Population Growth and Inflation

Essay Writing – Population Growth and Inflation

[Outline: (1) Relationship between population and inflation (2) India’s place among the countries of the world in terms of population (3) Problems arising out of population growth – overcrowding in cities; Education, medicine etc. to be expensive (4) Conclusion.]

The speed with which the population is increasing in our country, does not increase the resources that meet the basic needs of the people. Due to this the prices of things are increasing and the country has come under the grip of inflation. India ranks second among the countries of the world in terms of population.

According to the 2011 census, the population of our country was 1 billion 21 crore 7 lakhs. This increasing population of the country has posed many problems in front of us. At the time of independence, our country was not self-sufficient in food production.

After this many experiments were done in the field of agriculture and ‘Green Revolution’ took place in the country. Due to this the country became self-sufficient in terms of food production. We have had a ‘White Revolution’ and the production of milk has also increased. Still, milk is scarce for most of the country’s children.

About seventy two percent of the population of India lives in villages. The rural population has increased greatly over the past three centuries. A large number of people are leaving the villages and moving towards the cities in search of livelihood. Suburbs are being developed around metros, causing skyrocketing prices of essential commodities for life.

The problem of bread and clothes is also solved to some degree, but the problem of house has taken a formidable form. Illegal slum settlements are increasing in cities. Education has also become expensive due to the increasing number of students.

Due to the increase in population, the number of patients in the hospitals is increasing and the medical treatment is also getting expensive day by day. There is a huge pressure on the traffic and transportation system. The cost of public security and order has also increased. This is causing further increase in inflation.

Wage hikes done to satisfy the employees of different sectors add fuel to the fire of inflation. Inflation due to this uncontrollably growing population has caught the whole country in its loop. To get rid of this, it is very important to control the population growth.

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