Computer essay in english

In this post computer is a boon in english essay. Computer Ek Vardan Essay In english i is written.

Computer essay in english

Computer revolution or computer – a boon

[Outline : (1) Introduction (2) Characteristics of computer (3) Various uses of computer (4) Future of computer (5) Status of computer in our country.]


‘Curiosity’ or ‘desire to know’ is prominent in the basic tendencies of man. Human curiosity has revolutionized the field of science and technology. Computer is at the center of this revolution. Theoretically, a computer is a device invented to perform fast and accurate calculations.

That is, he acts according to the instructions of man. Today the computer can do many more complex operations than this. He can present the available information in a systematic way. It also collects information for future use.

Today computer has become essential for all the small and big institutions. Nowadays computers are being used in banks and factories, in laboratories and libraries, in hospitals and research institutes.

With its use, months of work are done in hours. Airplanes also have computers. They show the pilot the correct direction in bad weather and help the aircraft to descend by showing the image of the flywheel on the screen.

Nowadays machines are also made by humans (robots). These are a kind of computer-operated machines. Computer is playing an important role in the field of publishing. This has made the compositing task a lot easier.

Computers are used in hospitals to diagnose diseases and determine their method of treatment. Computers are used to perform complex operations. Computers are an invaluable aid in obtaining meteorological information.

Booking of tickets for traveling by trains, planes etc. is also done through computers. Computers have proved to be very useful for space related studies. With the help of computers, rockets, spacecraft, satellites etc. can be launched precisely.

Now computer has become an essential requirement of our daily life. For housewives, the computer will control the kitchen appliances, sweep the room, do the laundry, keep track of household expenses, and even open the garage door for the homeowner’s car when they arrive.

This will give enough time to the householder to practice art, literature, music etc. Like the developed countries of the world, computer is being used in our country too.

But the biggest problem before our country is to give work to more and more people. For the smooth operation of big establishments and scientific progress, it is necessary to take the help of computer.

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Computer essay in english

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