cold places essay in english

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cold places essay in english

Cold air place essay

[Issues: Amboli – a small village blessed with nature – Mahabaleshwar Mahadevgad of the poor, Narayangad River in Amboli – Trees in Amboli – Waterfall Simplicity]

We were standing on a hillside. There was a deep ravine below. The shape of the English letter ‘C’ was given to the mountain. He was sitting in front of a mountain valley village, just as a mother should carry her baby in front of her.

Greenery was everywhere. In the afternoon, I could feel the tears in my eyes. It was twelve o’clock in the afternoon. The sun had risen over his head. The wool, however, had become soft and cool. Cold winds were blowing over us from the valley.

In the distance were mountain ranges. The neck had to be rotated in a semicircle to cover the entire horizon. Never seen such a vast space. This wide view of nature was soothing to the mind.

This natural bliss was flowing on everyone’s face. We have been wandering here for the last two-three days. This was Amboli, a small hilltop village blessed with nature.

This Amboli in Sindhudurg district has recently started gaining popularity as a place of cool air. He is known as ‘Mahabaleshwar of the poor’. My mother’s friend was in Maher, so we had a chance to come here on vacation.

Amboli has not yet been urbanized, so it is a beautiful village on the Ghats. There are places with beautiful views from this hilltop. These are known as points.

Travelers flock here to watch the sunset. Two more places of interest are mentioned in this Amboli village. Those places are ‘Mahadevgad’ and ‘Narayangad’. No traces of forts can be found today at these places known as forts.

The shelter of these forts is inhabited by some Bhumiputras. They give you a nice welcome with bread, flour and curry for very little money. Tourists visit Amboli Ghat at any time; But especially in the rainy season, the beauty here is incomparable.

The king of nature is pleased and pours his splendor here and the tired tourists from the city bathe in this water and get rid of their tiredness. The source of Hiranyakeshi river can be seen after a short piping on Amboli-Belgaum road.

There is a temple of Goddess Parvati here. The river Hiranyakeshi is said to be a gift from Lord Mahadev to Parvati. Later this river meets a river called Chitri and then these friends join hands and make their way to Karnataka.

Nagaratas waterfall on the river Hiranyakeshi catches our eye. Amboli in the scenic Konkan is blessed with mangoes and cashews; But apart from that, the splendor of medicinal plants like Hirda, Jambul, Ain, Anjani etc. has also been achieved.

Walking in the ghats of Amboli, you can see so many colorful trees, leaves, flowers, what to see and what not to see. Still Amboli is a beautiful hill station. The five-star culture did not reach there. So I want to go there again.

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Thand Haveche Thikan english Essay
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