Azadi Ke 75 Sal Essay In English

In this post seventy five years of independence English essay writing / Azadi Ke 75 Sal Essay In English is going to be written.

Azadi Ke 75 Sal Essay

Azadi Ke 75 Sal Essay In English

seventy five years of independence

[Outline: (1) How did India get independence? (2) Contribution of veteran leaders in the freedom movement (3) Problems arising out of earthquake, famine and heavy rains (4) New achievements in the field of education, agriculture, trade, medicine, space, nuclear power (5) National-International relations (6) Availability.]

For almost one hundred and fifty years, our country India remained in the chains of slavery of the British. Many movements took place under the leadership of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. As a result we got independence on 15th August, 1947.

With the attainment of independence, India was divided into two countries – India and Pakistan. From 1947 till now, there have been several wars between India and Pakistan over the problem of Kashmir. On the basis of border dispute, our neighboring country China also annexed important land of our country in 1961-62 and its infiltration continues even today.

After independence, there were terrible earthquakes in Uttarakhand, Maharashtra and Gujarat. Our country has faced famine and flood almost every year. Many welfare schemes were implemented in the field of education. In order to remove the spread of unemployment in the country, special emphasis was given on technical and employable education. Irrigation facilities were increased in our country. Use of fertilizers, modified seeds, insecticides etc. increased. As a result, there was a ‘Green Revolution’ in our country and this country became self-sufficient in the matter of food grains.

In the sixty-five years after independence, much progress has been made in the industrial sector of the country. Now a large quantity of finished goods are exported from our country. We have established trade relations with almost all the countries of the world. Many infectious diseases and epidemics have been controlled in the field of medicine. Various types of health schemes are being run to improve the health of the people.

Our country has made commendable progress in the field of space research. Many satellites have been launched, which are giving us valuable information from space. By nuclear explosion, our country has reached the category of nuclear weapons rich countries. Our unmanned Chandrayaan has successfully landed on the Moon.

In the sixty-five years after independence, our country has had to deal with the terrorism of Punjab. The question of Kashmir has had to be fought with Pakistan and with the separatist forces of the northeastern states of the country. Today our country is battling terrorism. In these circumstances, if we can preserve the unity and integrity of the country, then it will be our biggest achievement.

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